How to Order Your RoofMill™ Solar-Wind Electric Kit

(1) Request a Site Evaluation:

Start a site evaluation and We will do that for Free. Fill out your full contact information at this link here Contact Us! In the Brief Message, let us know your average monthly electric bill in cost and or kWH (kilowatt hours). From a satellite view, we will look at your property and evaluate the size and potential of a system installation. From your electric bill we will have an idea of your electrical footprint or needs for the size of your system.

(2) Consider Types of Mounting:

We have installed hundreds of solar and wind systems in every possible site. One of the best values you get with is that we quickly apply all our experience to advise and inform your decisions. One of the things we do is we start very quickly with a standard package quote. Over 90% of our installs fit a specific type system that customers prefer and most sites work good with. So we start out with that very quickly as a conversation starter.
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Roof Mounted Solar

The most common and popular solar mounting type is roof mounted. There are many reasons for this but most important is cost and performance. Roof mounted solar is the cheapest place to add solar, and in most any site it is also the best performing.

Now this image below is a large roof mounted solar only kit and for those who have some south facing rooftop, this is the best way to go with solar. In these systems the home is cooled by putting much of that south facing roof IN THE SHADE all day. The shading of that hot roof helps lower air conditioning costs. Plus the electricity goes right into your main panel.
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Ground Mounted Solar

Behind roof mounted solar is Ground Mounted Solar. The biggest reason that some customers prefer ground mounted solar is that they don't have proper roof space, or they want more power than may fit on their roof.
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Pole Mounted Solar

Once in awhile a site does not have proper roof space, and a ground mount is not the right fit, Pole Mounted Solar is a perfect solution. Pole mounted solar is popular for outdoor living areas, for parking canopy or shade for livestock. Many customers like a large shade somewhere on their property. Pole Mount Solar kits keep the panels off the ground, out of harm's way. Angles and directions are easy to adjust and snow removal is easy. When the snow stops falling and the sun comes back out you can easily sweep the snow off your panels. Your Pole Mount Solar must be anchored in the ground by digging a hole and filling it with concrete. With a Pole Mount it’s easy to place your panels in an area that is shaded by trees or buildings or any other object.

Below you see here a picture of one of our very versatile pole mount kits. This is a 7kW kit that can be placed almost anywhere on your property and then wired RIGHT INTO YOUR MAIN PANEL of your home. These are great systems and especially if you don’t have a good rooftop area to install ontop of.
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