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Wind/Solar Electric Kits

Have a look at this beautiful 13kW system in Texas. Since this picture was taken below this customer has bought two more 3kW pole mount solar kits to bring him up to about 20kW. I sell many upgrades to my customers after they have made their installation pay and they have proven it to themselves. This entire ranch is running on full green emergency power PLUS GRID tie. So he can run at full comfort with or without a utility company. Of course since he is still grid tied he sells all his excess power back to the utility when his meter runs backwards.. he gets credited.
13 kW Opti-Volt7™ RoofMill™ Hybrid Kit -- $38,800

Below you see here a picture of one of our very versatile pole mount kits. This is a 6kW kit that can be placed almost anywhere on your property and then wired RIGHT INTO YOUR MAIN PANEL of your home. These are great systems and especially if you don’t have a good rooftop area to install ontop of.
6 kW Opti-Volt7™ Pole Mounted Solar Kit - $14,300

Now this image below is a large roof mounted solar only kit and for those who have some south facing rooftop, this is the best way to go with solar. In these systems the home is cooled by putting much of that south facing roof IN THE SHADE all day. The shading of that hot roof helps lower air conditioning costs. Plus the electricity goes right into your main panel.
8 kW Opti-Volt7™ Roof/Awning Mounted Kit - $18,600

If you are serious about installing this spring, please email me and I'll be glad to answer any questions to help you POWER YOUR HOME. Send an email letting me know..

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